11 Gears Adjustable Spot Welder Portable Handheld Battery

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Product description

Handheld Battery Spot Welder Portable Spot Welding Machin 11 Gear Adjustable Energy Storage Spot Welding for DIY 18650 Battery


1. No spot welding pen required - No need for a spot welding pen when you go out or at home. The handheld spot welder does not require an additional spot welding pen and is convenient to carry with you wherever you go. It combines a built-in power supply and a soldering pen into one, making it easy to weld without the need for an external soldering pen.
2. Wide range of uses - suitable for 18650/26650/36650 and other cylindrical batteries, mobile phone batteries and electronic devices that require batteries. The spot welding machine can be used for electronic equipment that has been damaged due to battery damage, and can be restored to use after replacing the battery (similar to a handheld electric drill), saving money and environmental protection.
3. Easy to use - There are only 2 buttons, and the buttons of our spot welding machine are labeled, making them easy to use. The battery spot welder does not need to leave the palm of our hands. Press and hold the side power switch button with your middle finger for 2 seconds, press and hold the top gear adjustment button once with your index finger, and then hold it for 2 seconds to adjust automatic or manual mode.
4.11 Adjustable Levels - This spot welder has 11 adjustable levels of output power, which can be adjusted according to the different materials you spot weld. 1-3 gear cell phone batteries, 3-6 gear 0.1 mm nickel plate, 6-11 gear 0.12-0.15 nickel plate. It can spot weld more than 200 times on a single charge.
5. Multiple protection measures - although it is a miniature handheld spot welder, it has high-quality polymer batteries, overcharge protection, temperature protection, short-circuit protection, abnormal battery temperature alarm and spot welding shutdown function, and low battery voltage alarm . Ultra-low power consumption, longer standby time.
6. Exquisite packaging - Our package includes a handheld spot welder, 2 meters of nickel-plated plate, 1 sheet of matte paper, 1 Type-c charging cable and a user manual. Our packaging is very exquisite, making it a very valuable gift for friends and loved ones who like battery DIY.

Product parameters:

Product name: Battery spot welding machine
Model type: H1
Equipment settings: 11 levels adjustable
Spot welding method: automatic/manual gear
Product size: 43*25*192mm
Input interface: Type-C
Input parameters: 5v/1A (MAX)
Output voltage: 4.2V (MAX)
Output current: 650A (MAX)
Working temperature: -10~60℃
Charging temperature: 0~60℃

Package list:

Handheld spot welding machine*1
2M nickel plate*1
Matte paper*1
Type-c charging cable*1
User Manual*1

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