2/4/9/15pcs Butterfly Car Seat Covers

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1. High-quality fabric, resistant to dirt and wear.

2. Comfortable and breathable, will not fall off.

3. Suitable for most car seats on the market.

4. The rear of the seat is completely covered to protect your seat.

5. Available in four seasons, Comfortable in summer and winter.



(1 Seat front row)Included:

1X Head Rest Cover: 30X27 cm (11.81X10.62 inch)

1X Front Seats Cover:118X56 cm (46.45X22.04 inch)



(2 Seat front row)Set Included:

2 X Head Rest Cover: 30X27 cm (11.81X10.62 inch)

2 X Front Seats Cover: 118X56 cm (46.45X22.04 inch)



(5Seat front and rear row) Set Included:

5 X Head Rest Cover: 30 X 27cm (11.81X10.62 inch)

2 X Front Seats Cover: 118 X 56cm (46.45X22.04 inch)

1 X Back Backrest: 135 X 76cm (53.14X29.92 inch)

1 X Rear Seat Cushion: 135 X 56cm (53.14X29.92 inch)


15pcs Packing list

1 x Car steering wheel cover
2 x Car cup mats
1 x Wrist strap
1 x Keychain
1 x Armrest cover
7 x Seat covers kit
2 x Seat belt pads




The whole concept [ refer to the real thing ]


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Available in a variety of colors



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